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Studios: (818) 769-4500

illuminate Post
Digital Finishing

Complete state-of-the-art post production facility offering digital finishing for independent films & television.

World class-talent and technology for digital intermediate, film coloring, color correction, film restoration and more.

iConform 2K & 4K Conforming

Monetize your sleeping archives: take a show produced in SD and reutilize the film used to shoot it to make 2K or UHD masters.

iConform, our proprietary technology used for StarTrek, automatically finds the shots in your film originals and converts them into 2K or 4K.


A world-class studio, with 4 stages, a kitchen set and a talk show set. Fully equipped for social TV.

Fully equipped stages with satellite broadcasting capabilities. Multiple HD camera shoots for live and taped productions. RED cameras available for rental.