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Automated SD, to HD, 2K and 4K conforming, from your
vaulted footage, without an EDL

“You hand us a forklift full of unlabeled film with no EDL or paperwork and a DVD or other reference and illuminate will deliver to you a fully conformed, automatically color matched and sized HD master.”
– Les Dittert,
illuminate resident scientist, chief technical officer, and developer of iConform.
Les, formerly with ILM and DreamWorks, has been recognized by the Academy for his scientific contributions.

illuminate, with iConform, is the leader in repurposing library assets previously finished in NTSC or Digital intermediate, where no EDL or notes exist. iConform automatically conforms images of any resolution to any reference source without the need for eye matching, and delivers HD masters in half the time, at a much lesser cost.

Be one of the first to tap Ultra HD opportunities
iConform allows you to finish directly in 4K, enabling you to tap the emerging opportunities of Ultra HD.

Transform sleeping library assets into revenues
We will help you find licensors to transform your sleeping libraries into revenues.
For some assets, there isn’t the need to store every take from every camera forever. iConform converts every take to file, and generates a final cut master. The savings on archiving are substantial, and the film stock can be recycled.

iConform: a technical overview
iConform automatically edits together your camera original negatives or interpositives, transferred or scanned at HD, 2k or 4k resolution to an existing reference source. iConform starts with a locked picture element used as an edit reference. It can be any reference from any standard or resolution. The only requirements for iConform are that the picture is locked and that all original camera materials are provided.

The iConform workflow:

  • Best light or scan all original source footage
  • Ingest approved locked picture reference
  • Electronic analysis of all source material
  • Apply iConform image recognition to match scene and take
  • Apply iScan automatic sizing and positioning
  • Conform and render
  • Tech review iConform file
  • Apply iReCreate automatic color correction if required
  • Apply iCAP advanced conversion processing to any missing shots as required
  • Apply advanced processing (grain reduction, dirt, scratch, etc to client spec)
  • 100% QC
  • Render and output
  • Audio snap and laydown
  • Client QC
  • Deliverables (Data backup per client spec)


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