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Post / Digital Finishing

Digital finishing at its best

iConform - Turn your sleeping assets into revenues.

iConform is illuminate’s breakthrough, proprietary technology to repurpose into 2K and UHD your film library assets previously finished in NTSC or Digital intermediate without an EDL. No cue lists, EDL or editor notes are required at all.  Find out more

Picture Perfect - Workflow to manage your data from camera to distribution

illuminate Post/Digital Finishing offers a complete workflow to manage your data from camera to distribution. We offer the most modern techniques in scanning traditional film negatives, or print up to 8K Digital Data and 2D/3D digital or tape formats. The illuminate team are world-class specialists in picture media management, editorial including conforming, mastering and grading. We also provide industry-leading protection for storing and managing your film and video assets.

Sound - illuminate audio post production, sound mixing & recording

Protools – Sound creation & production system

  • Music composition
  • Recording
  • Editing
  • Mixing
  • Fully integrated MIDI sequencing
  • Conform
  • Restoration
  • AAf/OMF import/export
  • Built-in file management system
  • Absolute recall
  • Stereo & surround sound
  • Dolby ‘E’ enabled
  • Sweetening – audio enhancement
  • Efficient mixing platform
  • Comprehensive automation

Linear – tape based audio sources for synchronous picture & sound re-record

  • Layback
  • Conform
  • Vari-speed
  • Dolby E encoding

Film Restoration - Advanced film processing, restoration and image stabilization

For 20 years, Hollywood’s major studios have come to Illuminate for their film restoration needs. Whether clients need advanced film processing and scanning, recoloring, image stabilization or film grain reduction, we are known to solve the toughest technical problems. Find out more

Digital Intermediate - Motion picture finishing process for theatrical release

illuminate’s specialists scan, conform, color correct and record out 35mm film for theatrical release. We also handle digital intermediate for short films, commercials and music videos meant for theatrical presentations.

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Color Correction - We help directors realize their creative vision

illuminate offers modern color correction techniques for every application and offers a range of systems & software for color grading, correction and finishing. Our team of colorists are seasoned digital image artists that have worked on hundreds of films. illuminate can achieve the look and style your film needs with spectacular results. Read more

Editorial Services - The latest software managed by seasoned editors

illuminate post production/digital finishing division excels at creating digital masters, mezzanine files and compressed deliverables for movies, TV shows, infomercials and commercials. Our editorial suite uses the latest software and is managed by seasoned editors. We create graphics and music or record voiceovers right on the premises. We work in all video formats, from UltraHD to VHS and Hi-8. In coordination with illuminate studios production, we ensure that producers and directors achieve their desired results. Read more

3D Conversion - Complete Front-to-Back Digital 3D Solutions

illuminate has successfully developed “front to back” digital 3D solutions for stereoscopic productions. The greatest benefit of our expertise is realized when illuminate is involved with the project from its inception. illuminate’s workflow, technology, proprietary tool sets, and long history in post production make the difference in our work with stereoscopic projects. illuminate brings a seasoned, creative eye to the deployment of industry-leading 3D development.

Film Mastering - HD 2k or 4k, high resolution telecine transfers

illuminate provides NTSC (525) & PAL (625) high resolution telecine transfers in 16mm, 35mm, 65mm, 70mm and Vista Vision are all performed in our THX® certified telecine suites loaded with all the most advanced equipment. Find out more
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